About Me

Hey y’all! I’m Annalee and I’m from the hot and hilly Austin, Texas.

I love food. And not like the average 13 year old girl, but like a 13 year girl that is constantly starving. I like sweet stuff, like candy or chocolate. Mainly ice cream, though.

My best friend’s name is Christina, and she’s also 13. We both enjoy doing stuff like talking, eating, sleeping, and stalking One Direction. Like no joke, STALK.

That’ s my main hobby. Loving 1D. Yeah, seems kinda creepy, but it’s really not. I just listen to their music 24/7, keep up with their every move, stuff like that… Okay fine it’s actually really creepy.

I’m a crazy music freak, too. I love playing the clarinet, playing the guitar, singing, and playing my piano. I’m into dub-step, pop/rock, classic rock, and some forms of jazz. Maybe even a bit of hip-hop.

I would love to go back and live in the 80’s. Like, the music back then was insane. The 80’s basically turned the whole world of music around. It brought us into this life where teens can’t keep their headphones out of their ears, and the adults can’t stop telling us to take them out ;).

I have 3 clarinets. I have my mother’s old one, which is plastic and a bit out of shape since the mouthpiece is chipped, named Clarice. My second one, which is 24 years old and made out of wood, is named Melody. She was basically my beginning clarinet, and taught me how to play. She got me a start on something I love, and showed me Louie, my 3rd clarinet. Louie is definitely my favorite. He’s got a great sound and killer low notes. Gotta love Louie.

I also play the piano and a  bit of guitar. I sing, too. I would love to really get into guitar so that I can sing and play and the same time. I can already sing and play the piano, but I love the sound of guitar, too.

I do love to play volleyball! I was on my school’s team last year, and built up some more confidence for the game. It gives me a rush and I love being able to play this game with my friends.

Well, there’s just a bit about me :). Read some of my blog posts and give me feedback. I’d love to see what I’m doing good, and how I can improve.

I <3 Writing!


-Annalee xx


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